Where can I find high-quality guqin?

The external features of a guqin include the body, surface, shaft, and string axis. The body of a guqin is the main part, which can be divided into three types: long body, short body, and small body, with the long body being the mainstream. The visible part on the piano surface has seven string tracks and thirteen badges. The shaft refers to the axle used for the strings, and buyers need to check if it is in good condition and if there is excessive wear. The chord axis refers to the mechanical part used for tuning and also needs to be checked for completeness.
The price of a guqin is not the only selection standard, and the following two points need to be noted: first, whether the production process of the guqin meets the standards. If you buy a finely crafted guqin, your sound will be very beautiful and it can also take your playing skills to the next level. High quality guqin, with a relatively complete structure and crisp sound quality, fully showcases the performance effect. In addition, the material of the guqin is also a key factor, and it is necessary to choose high-quality boxwood to ensure the quality of the timbre. Secondly, is the pre order service for guqin in place. Before purchasing a guqin, listening to the test music is a very important part. When listening, you can pay attention to the stability of the piano body and whether the curvature of the fingerboard is appropriate. At the same time, if during the piano test, it is found that there are sound quality issues such as noise or broken notes on the body, then it should be considered to replace the guqin.
For beginners, it is necessary to choose a good guqin that includes the body, neck, head, strings, and other parts. The material selection should be cedar guqin. A good guqin should have clear sound quality, stable pronunciation, comfortable playing, and not easily damaged. Generally speaking, from the appearance of the piano body, the shape of the piano body should be a graceful curve with a straight neck. When choosing a piano, it is also necessary to choose the strings. For beginners, it is recommended to choose high-quality strings to ensure the clarity of the sound as much as possible. When selecting strings, attention should be paid to issues such as color, material, and price. Generally speaking, high-quality strings are more expensive, but beginners do not need to pursue excessively high prices. They can choose the strings that are suitable for themselves based on their actual situation.

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